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The best tuner in Perth... that's a bold statement - you be the judge.


There are plenty of enthusiasts that have tuned a few cars on the weekend for a year or so and then decided to buy a dyno and open a shop, but very few dyno shops in Perth have staff that a full understanding of high performance engine internals and the mechanical engineering and mathematics involved in planning and tuning high performance engines.

Before we tune any vehicle, we always ask the customer a lot of technical questions including, Bore/Stroke, Cam Duration, Cam Overlap, Cam Lift, Port Volume, Runner Shape, Chamber Size, Combustion Area Profile, to ensure the entire engine combination will actually work together.

Quite often we are asked to tune an engine that has had a lot of great components fitted, but sadly, many of the components do not actually complement each other and the engine does not produce the HP or performance the customer was seeking.

We are automotive engineers - simple. We can assist you to ensure your components do indeed complement each other and suggest any changes needed, even before we put your vehicle on our dyno.

Come and talk to us - make a booking.

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